A day in the life..

August Nineteenth, 2017

Marly decided to remain home from the auction today, so I had some time to get a little further on a few projects.  Spent the cooler part of the day staining the building.  Glad I didn’t go back out to finish as I would have never have applied the second coat before this storm rolls through!  Remember, pics are clickable!

Gettin there
Gettin there!
Ominous Stormfront
Ominous Stormfront

Between coats of stain I installed a new fuel pump on the MC.  Appears the contacts points are eroded beyond filing after 100K miles.  87 bucks hurts, but I guess it’s time.  Oh, just did some searching for a link for the photo and they DO sell the point kit here.  Probably should have taken the pump out and apart before ordering a new one.  Now I’ll rebuild the old one for a spare.

VT1100C Fuel Pump Contact Points

Also got a chance to open up the tranny out of the K1500.  Took the hot part of the day to work in the air conditioned basement.  Ahhh…

5LM60 Finally Open

August Eighteenth, 2017

Well, most semblance of electricity gone at school today, with 8th period literally sitting in the dark.  Enough shop talk…I really gotta get these little guys in the ground before they dry out.  Click on the pics!

Strawberry Runners
Strawberry Runners

Came home and stained more of the lower portion of the building.  Not really interesting, just progress.

West Wall Progress
West Wall Progress

Friday evening has to be the best meal of the week, home-made popcorn and libations!

Friday Dinner
Friday Dinner

August Seventeenth, 2017

First day with students today keeping me at work a bit longer than usual. Got the MeadowBrook into the shop as a project and brought home what was left of the Saturn Vue.

Ready to Recycle

Pulled the radiator in hopes to pay off the vehicle a bit sooner.  As it didn’t leak, isn’t all corroded, and isn’t all bent up, someone needing a cheap replacement might find value.  Plus there’s always the recycling yard.

Nice radiaror

The Blizzard of 1886 is a big teaching point in this part of the state and Nebraska commemorates it with a plaque on Highway 70 south of Ord.  The site had been neglected and overgrown with weeds and such, so we planted two black locust trees (in the protective cages) and have been trimming the area when needed.  I dutifully took the weed whacker and cleaned up again today.  When stopping at these places, don’t be afraid to pull a few weeds in the cracks in the pavement, caretakers sure appreciate it!

1886 Sign cleanop



August Sixteenth, 2017

Got all these good parts, what to do?!?  Guess we’d better sell’em.  Should keep Marly busy for a while.  If you need any parts off a Vue, let us know!

Parts to Sell
Parts to Sell

Got the MeadowBrook on all fours again and ready to unload tomorrow.  Looks pretty good with a decent stance even if the wheels don’t match.  Looks excited, don’t she?  Click on the pic for some pretty cool history.

MeadowBrook Today
MeadowBrook Today

Also pulled this camper grill today, need to find it a new home.  Might make a pretty cool wall hanging when (if) I ever get my loft done.

Winnebago Indian Grill
Winnebago Indian Grill

August Fifteenth, 2017

Took the five minutes to install the sink sprayer we’ve been needing for a few years not.  It cost us a whopping six bucks.  Anyhow, used the under sink wrench an a 5/8″ line wrench to remove the old one and install the new.  The instructions linked to in the pic are waaaaay lengthier that what I did.  Pics are clickable.

Where I had to work.
Line and under
5/8″ Line Wrench and Under Sink Wrench

Also put the wheels from an ’05 Saturn Vue on the MeadowBrook for rolling around purposes.  Front hubs won’t accept the wheels as the opening in the wheel is too small, but rears fit just fine.  With only .7mm difference in bolt pattern, I’m thinking they’ll work for this purpose.  The pic is super dark as I just beat an all night rain to take it!

Saturn MeadowBrook
Very dimly lit Saturn Wheel.

August Fourteenth, 2017

First day of work, again.  Didn’t need the alarm at 4:30 as I crawled out of bed much before.  Meetings & BS all day, little of the classroom put together.  More importantly… I began to stain cedar on the west wall cleaned last week.  With such a short window and required dry time between coats, I was only able to get the top most and lower right portions complete with two coats.  Hopefully Wednesday evening will provide more time.  Remember, pics are clickable!

West Attic Wall Stain
Peak & Lower Right Corner Begun

Also got the MeadowBrook up for air holding tires, hopefully to be installed tomorrow evening.  As Tuesday night is open house at work, this task may take place after dark.

MeadowBrook up for different wheels.
MeadowBrook up for different wheels.

Also changed the oil in my ’01 Shadow as it awaits a new fuel pump arriving later this week.  If anyone was wondering, yes, a Napa Gold 1356 fits and works much better than the stock element on a VT1100C.

Napa Gold 1356.
Napa Gold 1356